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Q1. How long does it take to backup/restore a system using PC Vaccine Personal?

Q2. I launched PC Vaccine Personal in Windows®, but a message indicates that I must restart my computer in order to run PC Vaccine Personal?

Q3. When I restored a partition from an image file, it prompted me "There is not enough space on the Destination Partition." But I'm sure the free space on the Destination Partition is larger than the used space in the Source Partition, why?

Q4. If the source partition is a bootable partition (e.g. C:\) but the target partition is not, can the target partition be used to boot the system after restoration?

Q5. I installed PC Vaccine Personal on two operating systems (Windows® 2000 and XP) on my computer. After I removed PC Vaccine Personal from Windows® 2000, why is the program on Windows® XP unusable?

Q6. I cloned a hard drive using the Clone Disk function. Why can I not boot from the cloned drive?

Q7. I have connected a USB hard drive or a USB CD/DVD recorder to the system, why is it not recognized by PC Vaccine Personal or will not work with PC Vaccine Personal?

Q8. I created an image for Drive C: on two CD-R discs. Why can the disc not be used to mount a temporary partition?

Q9. When I created a Recovery CD/DVD, it failed and prompted an error message "Move Data Error". Why?

Q10. Are there any limitations when I restore from an image over the network?

Q11. Why can't I find all jobs in the Jobs List?

Q12. After cloning disk, why the PC Vaccine Personal in destination disk will be uninstalled after startup?

Q13. Do I need to do anything before installing PC Vaccine Personal?

Q14. After I installed PC Vaccine Personal and restarted the computer, my system crashed. How can I install PC Vaccine Personal without it crashing my system?

Q15. I installed PC Vaccine Personal on a Compaq PC and then restarted the computer but the following error message comes up: "You have installed vb twice, please uninstall and review FSN's FAQs." How can I fix this?

Q16. I would like to get help from FSN technical support. What kind of information should I give the technician?

Q17. Can PC Vaccine Personal fix the system after my hard drive has been mistakenly formatted or repartitioned?

Q18. Can I use disk tools such as F-disk, PartitionMagic and Norton Speed Disk after PC Vaccine Personal is installed on my computer?

Q19. What should I do if I see error message "0xe23" while installing PC Vaccine Personal?

Q20. What should I do if I see error message "0xe2f" while installing PC Vaccine Personal?

Q21. I have Multiple operating systems, including Linux, are installed on my computer. Can PC Vaccine Personal protect all three systems?

Q22. Does PC Vaccine Personal work in Windows? Safe Mode? If so, are there any limitations when using PC Vaccine Personal in Safe Mode?

Q23. Can I use Norton Ghost to copy a hard drive on which PC Vaccine Personal is installed?

Q24. PC Vaccine Personal displays a message saying that there is not enough space to create a PC Vaccine Personal Secure Area but I know that I have plenty of free disk space for this. What should I do to resolve this problem?

Q25. What should I do if the antivirus software (e.g. Norton Antivirus) gives me a virus warning continuously when I am installing PC Vaccine Personal?

Q26. Why do I see a "0xe2" error when trying to install PC Vaccine Personal on a system with four operating systems?

Q27. Can PC Vaccine Personal really protect my PC from being destroyed by a virus?

Q28. Does PC Vaccine Personal provide support for Windows? advanced power management?

Q29. Why did my computer system crash while PC Vaccine Personal was loading the hard drive driver?

Q30. After uninstalling PC Vaccine Personal I tried to access the partition that was allocated for creating the PC Vaccine Personal Secure Area and PC Vaccine Personal prompted me to format the partition and indicated that all the data in that partition will be lost. What should I do?

Q31. I had a large storage capacity hard drive (>137G) on my computer. Why was PC Vaccine Personal automatically uninstalled after I had finished installing it and rebooted the system?

Q32. Which software are incompatible to PC Vaccine Personal?

Q33. Why was my System Snapshot deleted automatically?

Q34. Why can't I find some Complete Backup Point Image Files that have been stored on hard drive in Pre-OS?

Q35. I try to back up the data to network computer. Why can\'t I access to the network computer\'s share folder after I have entered correct user name and password?

Q36. Why does my computer take a long time to install PC Vaccine Personal?

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