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Q1. If the source partition is a bootable partition (e.g. C:\) but the target partition is not, can the target partition be used to boot the system after restoration?

A: Yes. Please do the following: 1. Modify your boot.ini file. a. If you are in DOS, enter the boot partition (C:) and type edit boot.ini? to modify this file. b. If you are in Windows?, the file boot.ini might be hidden. Select Show hidden files and folder from tools->folder options from the menu bar to show boot.ini, then open it (the default path to the boot.ini file is C:oot.ini). 2. Add the following to boot.ini: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(X)partition(Y)Folder=" Description " X: is the HDD (hard drive) number, generally defined as 0 3. Number 0 is the primary master, 1 is the primary slave, 2 is the secondary primary and 3 is the secondary slave; Y: is the partition ID, generally defined as 0-25, 0 is for the first partition. Folder: is the place storing the boot file (this is not the boot.ini file). If your system is Windows NT/2000, it should be defined as WINNT. If your system is Windows XP, it should be Windows. Description is for adding comments for the options listed on the splash screen at system startup.